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Thank you very much, my friend.

I invite you to visit my blog at:

I am sure you will notice the initial articles I am posting in my blog are written by other great minds. I am doing this to encourage friends and readers to visit my blog so that from time to time I can also post my own articles. This way they will have variety of thoughts and will not suffer from the syndrome most opinion writers want to do and that is create cult of followers who are at their beck and call.

After one or two more postings, I will publish my first article: "The Joy of an Injury". And the next articles I lined up are about anecdotes of experiences in our Unilab days and of course my time when I was President of Southville Foreign University even as I continue to teach at the University of Asia and the Pacific.

Thank you for accessing my blog. And your comments are highly appreciated.

You are a friend remembered with fondness.

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  1. Hello Doc!

    I just linked you to my blog. This way, I can visit you more often. Thanks for tagging me on FB and for sharing your advocacy. See you around sometime!